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Harry Potter + symmetry part 2 [part 1]

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix behind the scenes

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James had a certain, shall we say, talent for trouble. 

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[You might be surprised to learn that I…] know all the lyrics to Eminem songs. His first major album came out when I was 10, and being a fan of his felt kind of rogue, so I went overboard and learned every single word. I still know them all. x x

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He’s after you, Mr. Potter. You really don’t stand a chance.

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“This is quite pathetic, Black. I have to say I was expecting better, even if you are a blood traitor—”
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Every DH pt. 2 promo pic, featuring Ron and/or Hermione - 15 / 54

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make me choose
ladydaceymormont asked: nymphadora tonks or hermione granger

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"It was quite horrible to do, but it was a real challenge and I enjoyed having the challenge and I had that demanding thing to do. I think as Bellatrix, (Helena’s) just terrifying because she looks so unhinged, she looks so crazy, but I don’t think she actually enjoyed doing it. I guess it showed that I was doing a good job that she felt uncomfortable."

-Emma Watson on the Torture scene

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